Inertial Navigation System

To try out the demo go to this page on your phone, then enter the ID given in the live demo section below.

All modern smartphones have accelerometers which can be used to monitor orientation. This demonstration application is an end-to-end example of the technology.

This application uses a combination of sensors in your phone to detect and transmit its current orientation. Data is sent to a server where it is visible from a web page.

Other interesting HTML5 JavaScript APIs include Geolocation, Vibration, Battery Manager, Device Light and Proximity Events. Although most are not available on all devices or browsers they offer exciting ways to intereact with users, and perhaps make apps more intelligent.


HTML5 includes new device APIs which has access to Geolocation, Device Orientation, Vibration, Battery status and more.

NodeJS is a server-side implementation of JavaScript using Chrome's V8 engine.


Stor is our own IoT storage engine, built to safely and securely handle large volumes of IoT data. Stor sports a horizontally scalable micro service based architecture.